Welcome to the home of Fat Cat Fiddles. This site is  a collection of some of the most unique hand crafted violins that you will ever see. As you will notice, I have veered off the path of the strict and formal classical violin making traditions that most makers have copied for hundreds of years. I have a great respect for what the old Italian masters created all those years ago, but I just can't get myself to copy every detail right down to the varnish to make it look old.

I enjoy the freedom to experiment with different woods, body shapes and embellishments, that make each and every instrument that I make totally unique. I do however follow most of the time tested construction methods, such as the graduation of the plates, certain proven dimensions, and a proper final set up.

Even though most of my violins look a bit different, I think they sound Great. Some of them might not fit in real well with the formal Orchestra setting, but they seem to find a good home in the fiddle world.

Thanks for looking,      Thomas Oliver Simensen